Industries Served

Steyer & Co., CPAs is an accounting firm providing insurance, tax, financial advisory, and specialty consulting in the Northwest Ohio area since 1982. As an innovative and highly professional firm, we serve as valued and uncommon advisors to clients by providing unique guidance on business and individual matters. We work with a variety of businesses, industries, and organizations. Some of the specific industries that we specialize in helping are listed below.

Auto Dealers

auto dealer lotTypically, automobile dealerships operate several unique businesses under one roof – new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, parts, service, body shop, and finance and insurance. That’s why dealerships need tools for efficient management and operation and the resources and expertise to make the most of those tools. Relying on the knowledgeable advisers at Steyer & Co., CPAs can help auto dealer management operate efficiently and effectively. Working with a CPA firm that is knowledgeable in dealership finance, accounting, management, and taxation can be one of your most important decisions. The automobile dealership industry changes rapidly. Dealers need competent advisors to help them through the changes, making the need for a CPA firm that understands the automotive business more important than ever. Our professionals can help auto dealerships operate effectively and increase income and cash flow with a variety of accounting and tax services.


construction workerThe accounting professionals at Steyer & Co., CPAs understand what it takes for a construction company to succeed. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality accounting, auditing, and tax services that support our construction industry clients’ success. We understand that an effective accounting foundation is as important for a construction company as the marketing, technical, and managerial talents required to accomplish the work. We have demonstrated value to our clients by helping them establish such foundations. We realize that without accurate financial statements, construction company owners and managers are flying blind, not to mention missing out on opportunities for new work. An annual financial statement audit can support a firm’s ability to attract capital and other financial support. Sureties frequently use audited financial statements to gauge a business’ past performance as well as to evaluate the adequacy of working capital, capital structure, and cash flow to complete a project. Because most state and federal contracts require surety bonds, a firm’s ability to compete can be limited without a financial statement audit.


warehouse logistics The transportation and logistics industry is highly interconnected with many other business sectors and industries. Thus, it can easily be affected by changes in the other industries. Businesses in this highly competitive space may be affected by factors in the global economy, such as fluctuating fuel prices, lower in-store retail sales, technology changes, and process innovations.  Ever-changing federal, state, and local tax laws can also contribute to the opportunities and threats within this industry. Executives and business owners may find themselves asking questions that many times have complex answers. Steyer & Co., CPAs has the expertise to help transportation and logistics companies from start-up through growth, including acquisition and transition. We approach challenges holistically with ingenuity and due diligence.


manufacturer warehouseSteyer & Co., CPAs is a leading accounting firm serving manufacturers in the Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana areas. Our experience with a diverse range of organizations – from smaller, local manufacturers to larger companies with national and international operations – gives us the background and depth to understand the challenges and opportunities that you face within your industry. We have an understanding about lean manufacturing processes, supply chain logistics, and global sourcing. Additionally, we have the capabilities to help with performance and business process management, inventory valuation, costing and variance analysis, development tax credits, multi-state and local income and sales tax issues, and more.

Retail Businesses

retail storefrontThe ups and downs of the economy can be tough on retail businesses. Consulting with an experienced CPA like Steyer & Co., CPAs can help your business remain competitive and profitable through difficult times. With our retail accounting solutions, you can improve financial controls, establish sound budgeting, and manage cash flow better. No matter what segment of the retail industry your business falls into, we offer a comprehensive list of retail accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning services that will fit your needs and your budget. We’re sensitive to the fact that retail businesses are constantly battling spikes in energy costs and economic fluctuations so we work hard to find ways to manage and reduce your expenses.

Other Businesses

Beyond these specialties, we serve businesses across a range of industries. With our depth of professional experience in tax and business planning, Steyer & Co., CPAs can help your business with your accounting, tax preparation, and financial management needs.